Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My new guilty pleasure!!

Hey y'all! If you haven't already heard of it, check out roiworld.com!! It's a site where you basicly get to dress models up in stylish clothes all day! Every day, they have a new game. Each game has a theme. Sometimes, they are based on star's style, (for instance, the most recent celeb game was Ellen Page) or otherwise, based on one specific thing that's in style. They also have Project Runway games, makeup games, and drawing games. It's alot of fun! It may sound baby-ish, but trust me, it's not:)

Goregous Eyelashes!!

For me, getting stunning eyelashes is very hard. My eyelashes are very long and thick, and for whatever reason, do not seem to coperate. Putting mascara on them just makes them look longer, and eyelashes curlers.... well, they don't do to well holding the curl. I'm always expeirimenting with different ways to make my eyelashes look half as good as that^^, and these are some mascaras I've had the most success with.
1. Maybeline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara. Unlike LanCOME's vibrating mascara, this one actually works!!
2. Loreal Teloscopic
3. Benifit Cosmetics BADgal
4. Fresh SuperNova mascara
*Most of these can be bought at drugstores or at a sephora (or sephora online). These are where I found them!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Recycle your summer stuff!

Turn your summer dress into a cute outfit this fall! Hey, there's no rule saying we can't mix seasons here! Just add some new fall stuff to take an old dress and make it feel new again:) Step 1: Add a patterned Sweater! Don't worry to much about clashing patterns

Step 2: Add some modest flats, since you have so much going on up top!
Step 3: Layer on the braclets. Trust me, it's cute!!!
*All items from American Eagle online.

10/03/09 Fall Favorites

Hey guys! Fall is finally here! That means we can start packing away out faded sun dresses, throw away our worn out flip flips, and start serching for fall staples this season!!
Fall is my favorite time of the year for fashion, anything. I love seeing warm colors start wiggling their way into wardrobes, and all the cute leather bags, of course!

Some things we'll for sure be getting our hands on this fall:
Destroyed skinny jeans- Roxxane in super vintage- $198.oo ( 7forallmankind.com)
Animal print shoes- GUESS "Bukala" platform pumps $110.oo(bloomingdales)
Hardware handbag- Treesje leather studded ancher tote $595.oo (bloomingdales)